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Glass Verandas

An outdoor glass veranda is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends and family

Adding more value to your property

Having so many perks, glass verandas are something one should consider. They are easy on the pocket, and we make them exactly according to your requirements. Customization is offered in both the room and your bill - that's what our experts are determined to provide you.

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Glass Verandas at OSC

Open Space Concepts glass verandas are aluminium sheets that you put up in your verandas, so that they look beautiful, and you can spend a lovely afternoon with your friends and family. This would not only add value to your property but will also make it look nice. Aluminium steel is made with high quality; hence, it's easy to care for them. The design is made in a very modern way so that it stays in fashion for a long time. These sheets come in multiple designs so they can be fit in any building structure, be it new or old. The construction type is modular, so you can start with a basic design, but as you go on, one can keep adding elements to it. You could add shading products or glazing elements if that works for you. If you add full glass screening sides, you are essentially creating it for an around the year experience to enjoy with family because it will protect you against wind and rain. Some additional features can be added to this like infra-red heating, electronically controlled sun blinds, and LED lighting. All of these features will add value to the product and make it easier to. It is guaranteed that the quality is good because it is manufactured in Germany and it has proven to be useful in the harshest of weather conditions. Moreover, they don't use any sale tactics; it's all just on you to decide from our many affordable price structures. Our product sheet is aluminium, which will provide a long life and can be mounted on a wall or could be a side closure too. It doesn't matter if you don't have an idea of what to have in your yard because we can help in on the ideas. They can be tailor-made to exactly how you like it. These structures are mostly gone from modern architecture, but that doesn't mean they still can not be used. These open space concepts give you the place to hang out with your family, give your kids an area to play, or even just to relax and study. These state of the art systems are exactly the type of stuff that one needs to live a wonderful outdoor life. There are several designs that one can choose from. It could be something you already have in mind for a specific purpose, or it could just merely be something you want to build from scratch. A wide range of several colours are provided with another type of personalized thing you would want in your veranda. This glass is just here to give you the best possible experience for an outdoor living lifestyle. The primary features of this glass would be that it not only naturally adds value but also in a monetary way. It is essentially an aluminium and glass structure that would make your veranda look good. Plus it will ensure that its meant to stay there for a while without causing any trouble for you. Many modifications can be done to make it even better, for example. One could glaze the sides, which would prevent the sunlight coming through directly hence keeping the outdoor area cooler and also well lit. It is a very modern and creative design which would fit in any house or backyard. That is the beauty of it, simplicity. For many people, money comes in the way of making their property look better, but this is a cost-effective way for some people limited space they have. It is also in conformation with CE standards, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about safety-wise either.